Key Duplication

Landlords and dealerships alike will try to charge you more for new keys and lead you to believe they are the only provider of this service. We are happy to inform you that that’s not true. ASAP Locksmith of Colorado has the mobile tools and services to provide you with a new set of keys in no time. Give us a call to find out what keys we can duplicate for you!

Key Duplication Service in Denver Colorado

Duplication Anytime

With our years of experience, we can guarantee you honest, efficient, and professional service.

Traditional Key Duplication

If you’re looking for a spare key or want to provide one to a family member or new employee, call us. We can duplicate any key in minutes and guarantee it will be cheaper than what a landlord will charge you.

Key Fob Duplication

Like regular keys, we can also provide you with a new key fob, no matter the reason. We are familiar with all types of key fobs and have the means to provide you with a new set. Don’t wait until a lockout situation arises—give us a call. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can your locksmiths program my new key fob?

Absolutely! We won’t leave you hanging with a useless key fob. Our locksmiths will make sure your new key fob is compatible with your vehicle. 

Can you duplicate my padlock key?

Yes. We will inspect your padlock key to ensure it can be duplicated and will do so for you if we can. 

Can you duplicate a key if I lost the key?

Yes. This is called key cutting. If you don’t have the key on hand, we use a blank, a file, and other tools to make you a new key without the original.