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Are you skeptical about the effectiveness of your standard door locks? Do you wish there were a way for you to provide a much-needed boost to your home security system? The answer to these problems is a high security door lock.

But what are the qualities of high security door locks? How will they make your life better? If you keep reading, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about high security door locks.

What Are The Qualities Of High Security Door Locks?

A high security door lock is characterized by having stronger protection against lockpicking and key duplication. These locks are either conventional deadbolts that utilize Grade 1 cylinders or are another type of smart lock system. Whether a door uses a high security deadbolt or smart lock, these locks are meant to provide additional protection against possible intruders to your home or place of business.

3 Types Of High Security Door Locks

Now that you understand the defining qualities of these door locks let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of high security door locks.

1. Deadbolt Locks

If you prefer something simple, a deadbolt lock is a very affordable and effective type of high security lock for your door. As stated earlier, deadbolts have Grade 1 cylinders, which means they are incredibly durable. In fact, you can use either a single or double-cylinder deadbolt for your doors. A single-cylinder deadbolt has a keyhole on the outside and a simple turn switch on the inside. On the other hand, a double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key on both sides, making it even more secure.

high security door locks deadbolt

2. Keypad Locks

The first kind of high security smart lock worth examining is a keypad door lock. This door lock uses a keypad entry system to enter a property. Most of these locks require the creation of a four-digit PIN to unlock the door. If a would-be intruder enters the wrong code enough times, the door will stay locked for a long period of time before allowing any additional attempts. Other keypad locks might have a more sophisticated layout and mix up the presentation of the digits as an extra security measure.

3. Biometric Locks

If you want to take your home or workplace security to the next level, consider installing biometric door locks. These locks use any kind of physical identification to verify who you are before allowing you to enter a property. Fingerprints are the most common type of biometric used in these locks. However, physical characteristics such as your eyes and even your voice can also be suitable biometric security measures.

Why Install High Security Door Locks?

After learning about just three different types of high security door locks, you’re probably wondering why you should even consider installing them. Even if your current home security system seems adequate, it never hurts to make it stronger, especially as potential intruders find newer and bolder ways to break into your property. Additionally, with options like double-cylinder deadbolt locks, you don’t even need to worry about spending a lot of money on a fancy, high-tech security system for your home. You can keep it simple while keeping your property safe.

Our Locksmiths Know How To Work Any Door Lock!

Hopefully, your newfound knowledge of high security door locks will motivate you to reevaluate your home or workplace security system. Of course, even the locks described above will have their moments of weakness and fail to live up to expectations. You need a trustworthy, local locksmith to find a solution when this happens. If you live in the Denver area, you can contact us at ASAP Locksmith to return your door lock to working order sooner rather than later.