3 Residential Locksmith Services You Should Know About

Before we get started, what is one thing your house has that is the first form of security? It’s the lock on your door!

Now that we have you thinking about your door locks, how have they been working lately? Have you heard any squeaks or rattles? Or maybe your key has been getting stuck more often than not. Did you ever change the locks on your home after purchasing it, or have you had the same hardware for more than a decade? If you’ve answered yes to any of our questions, you’re likely in need of residential locksmith services. 

Have you ever heard the expression “My home is my sanctuary”? Well for some, a house can be a safe space, and maintaining that safety net is crucial. How can one do that, you may ask? Well, there are three services that residential locksmiths can offer to protect you, your family, and your friends.

1. Lock Repairs

Residential locksmith services

With all things, sometimes repairs are needed to keep things in tip-top condition and keep it working. So you may need some repairs as time goes on! Broken or malfunctioning locks are no match for our expert team at ASAP Locksmith. We’ll fix your hardware and restore it to its original state, no matter what the problem may be.

Lock Replacements

Sometimes, a repair can only do so much.If you’re at the point of needing more than a repair, you may have to consider a lock replacement. A lock replacement is simply what it sounds like, replacing your lock. Lock replacement is beneficial if your hardware has reached the end of its lifetime or if you want to have a newer look. 

Lock Installation

Have you recently moved into a preexisting home? Do you want to add a lock somewhere on your property? Whatever the reason you find yourself in need of this service, you can rely on ASAP Locksmith to install your new locks.

2. High-Security System Installation

Residential locksmith service

What better way to feel safer within your living space than with a high-security system? This way you can ensure that you would have video evidence if anything were to happen. In addition, having a high-security system would allow you to know that only trusted and specific friends, family, and outside guests can get in with remote and/or keypad security. Let’s go over these different high-security systems.


CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. In simple terms, CCTV systems are used for video surveillance. Whether you invest in a Ring or outdoor cameras to put on your fence, backyard, or garage, they all serve the same purpose as another form of security. With the addition of cameras to your house, you would be making your house 300% safer. This is due to criminals not wanting to be caught on camera, thus reducing the risk of burglary. 

Remote Access Systems

A remote access system can be described as the ability to manage your security system using an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. So if you have a gate, door, or lock that needs specific passes, codes, or remotes that are given to you, family, friends, or employees on their phones, that would be a remote access system. This level of security can ensure that only specific people have access to enter a home, residential area, or business.

3. Rekeying

Residential locksmith services

If you recently moved into a previously-owned home, you may want to replace the locks to prevent the old tenant from gaining access. But did you know there is a more affordable way to achieve the same outcome? The more affordable option is called rekeying. Essentially, rekeying is turning your old locks into new locks by replacing the preexisting pins with new pins.

Find Your Perfect Residential Locksmith Services With Our Team’s Help! 

ASAP Locksmith has residential locksmith services to help ensure your house, business, and community stay safe. So, no matter what residential locksmith services you choose, you can expect our experts will take care of your security needs! Call us at (720) 597-7731 or contact us on our site.