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Over the years, commercial security systems have become more advanced. Now, instead of a simple lock-and-key system, businesses can rely on technology like alarms, cameras, and access control systems to prevent intruders from stealing valuables and information. Unfortunately, as security technology has grown more advanced, criminals and their methods have as well. That means business owners need to invest in the best of the best to prevent break-ins and infiltrations. Perhaps one of the most advanced technologies used today is a form of access control system called biometric security. 

What Is Biometric Security? 

Biometric security is a multi-layered form of access control. To get past this technology and access a certain room or device, you must have three forms of verification. First, you’ll present the system with a password, PIN, or personal information like your father’s middle name. Next, you need to show something tangible like a security card or token. Finally, you’ll then prove your identity using a biometric scan. Biometric security systems scan parts of your body such as your eye, finger, or face to verify your identity. 

Biometric security may also use behavioral biometrics to identify individuals. The technology is so advanced that systems can now tell users apart based on their keystrokes, how they move their computer mouse, and even how they walk. As biometric security systems continue to evolve, they’ll only get better at telling people apart based on their characteristic movements. 

Why Bother With Biometric Security? 

Because biometric security systems require so much information before allowing access to sensitive data or protected rooms, it is one of the most reliable and secure ways to protect your business assets. More than 75% of Americans have used biometric security systems before, which shows that many people already trust this technology. There’s no reason you can’t trust it too!

A person uses a finger scanner to get past a biometric security system.

What Industries Can Benefit From Biometric Technology? 

Many industries can benefit from biometric technology. After all, what business doesn’t need higher security? Here are 3 business types that can get the most out of a biometric security system: 


Financial fraud and theft have always been big problems. Identity theft and credit card fraud have skyrocketed since 2020, and banks are now scrambling to combat these crimes. One of the solutions financial institutions use to prevent fraud is requiring a biometric scan before unlocking a user’s online account. 90% of bank users prefer biometric authentication over other methods such as security questions. It’s an easier, more secure way to validate credentials. 


Protecting patients’ medical information is important. With biometric technology, healthcare companies can prevent unauthorized individuals from looking at patient files. To prevent fraud, doctors can also use biometric technology to verify patients’ identities for telemedicine visits. 


School security can always improve to protect both students and teachers. Using biometric technology can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering dorm rooms or other secure school areas, as well as protect student records. At a time when tension is high and school security is more important than ever, biometric technology could literally save lives in the academic world. 

Costs of Biometric Technology

Costs for biometric security systems run high, though the technology is worth every penny. The cost of installing biometric technology ranges from $2,500–10,000 per door. Because of the expense, many business owners only use biometric technology to protect one or two important rooms such as vaults or computer labs. 

Get Your Biometric Security System Today! 

While we only listed 3 industries above, any business owner who wants to protect personal information and high-security areas can benefit from biometric security systems. The team at ASAP Locksmith is ready to help you through the purchase and installation process. Contact our professionals today for assistance!