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Locks and keys are an excellent way to protect your business. They’ve been around for millennia helping keep people’s families and possessions safe from those with ill intentions. Lock technology has only advanced over the years. Now, we don’t just have traditional locks. There are smart locks as well that can connect to your phone, and they allow you to monitor your property remotely from wherever you are. And yet, what if locks are not enough to protect your business? Some businesses need more advanced security, and simple locks won’t cut it. That’s where access control comes in. Access control systems are an excellent way to enhance the security of your business. 

What Is an Access Control System? 

An access control system is meant to limit the number of people entering your property. Only authorized individuals who have the correct credentials can get through an access control system. Thus, this is a more secure way to keep intruders away. Access control systems can be paired with lock and key systems for extra security. 

Types of Access Control Systems

Access control systems come in many forms. The one you choose for your business depends on your security needs. The three common types of access control systems are keycard, keypad, and biometric. 

1. Keycard Systems

Keycard systems are straightforward. They restrict access to only those who possess a keycard. Anyone who lacks the proper credentials is denied access. Unfortunately, there is always the chance someone may steal a keycard, which means these are not the most secure access control systems out there. 

2. Keypad Systems

Once again, keypad systems are straightforward and easy to understand. Instead of requiring a physical keycard, these systems require you to enter a pin to gain access to a specific area. These access control systems offer mid-level security. They’re a step up from traditional lock and key systems, but they still aren’t invulnerable to intruders. 

3. Biometric Systems

Of all the access control systems available, biometric options are the most secure. That’s because they rely on personalized data that is almost impossible to fake. These access control systems grant access based on biometric scans. A biometric scan involves identifying individuals based on a fingerprint, iris, hand, or face. Some biometric access control systems also require you to enter a pin or scan a keycard for an extra layer of security. 

A person uses one of the three types of access control systems to enter a building.

Costs of Access Control Systems

Do you think access control systems may benefit your business? Then it’s time to consider the costs. The costs of access control systems vary greatly based on how many entry points you need secured and how advanced the technology you’ve purchased is. You could pay anywhere from $20–3,500 per door. If you’re purchasing a biometric system, expect the costs to be on the higher end, as these are the most expensive options. Keypad and keycard systems do not cost as much because they are not as high quality or secure. 

What Businesses Can Benefit From Access Control Systems? 

All businesses can benefit from access control systems! After all, what business doesn’t benefit from increased security? That being said, some businesses and industries may have higher security needs than others. Banks, medical buildings, and academic institutions all can benefit from access control systems. But even businesses such as retail stores can take advantage of access control systems to enhance security. 

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