Whether you’re selling a video game or a car, branding is everything. When you hear Disney, you think of a reliable source of family entertainment. You hear about Geico, and you think of a talking gecko selling you insurance. The associations you make with certain brands will impact how much you are willing to trust their products, and smart locks, specifically fingerprint door locks are no exception to that rule.

Whether you need additional security for your office or want to be extra sure that any sensitive files are protected, finding the best fingerprint door lock is essential. That is why we will look at six of the best fingerprint door lock brands to enhance your security. It is important to note that these brands produce different models of smart locks, even ones that use fingerprint-scanning technology. The idea of this blog is not to tell you which model to buy but to look at each brand as a whole.

1. Samsung

Let’s start exploring fingerprint door lock brands by looking at a familiar name. You probably already associate Samsung with phones, but did you know they also manufacture smart locks? Samsung is not only reputable for its phones and TVs but for its security technology too.

Samsung produces many kinds of fingerprint door lock devices. Some only involve scanning fingerprints and entering a code, others might also come with a childproof handle. Many of Samsung’s fingerprint door locks allow up to one-hundred user codes and include additional features such as silent and away modes, battery warnings, and many more. The very sleek designs also bring aesthetic appeal to your door. These are just a few reasons why Samsung is one of the best fingerprint door lock brands.

2. Eufy

The fingerprint door lock models produced by Eufy are notable for their durability and accessibility. Many Eufy lock devices are found to withstand many brute-force tests and extreme temperatures. They are also known to possess a high resistance to picking and drilling.

In addition to their durability, Eufy fingerprint door locks are manufactured to connect with either WiFi or Bluetooth. You can download the corresponding app on your phone to manage your Eufy door lock, as well as connect it to your Alexa or Google Assistant. Regarding accessibility, these fingerprint door locks are easy to install and only require a single fingerprint scan or pressing a button from the app on your phone.

3. Lockly

Lockly is another notable brand that produces many reliable fingerprint door locks. A Lockly fingerprint door lock will often come with a plethora of security measures for a single lock. Lockly door locks can include a keypad that mixes up the number placement, app-controlled access, a doorbell camera, motion sensors, a biometric fingerprint scanner, and many more. The fingerprint scanner is notable for its speed, preventing delays in your return home.

4. Dioche

Dioche is unique in that its fingerprint door lock system includes a handle to open your door after scanning your fingerprint or utilizing any of the other security measures provided. Aside from scanning your fingerprint, Dioche fingerprint door locks also allow for passcode entry and ID cards. What makes Dioche extra reliable for security is that if someone gets the passcode wrong after five tries, it will stay locked for several minutes and send an alarm to any users.

5. Kwikset

Kwikset is another one of the best fingerprint door lock brands for WiFi connectivity. The Kwikset Halo Touch is particularly well-received due to simply requiring an app connection and placing a single finger on the pad. In case of any technical difficulties, there’s also a traditional keyhole to use as a failsafe, but it still scored well regarding resistance to lock picking. Additionally, this Kwikset smart lock also includes an access log to show who is entering and exiting your home throughout the day. If that person is in the system, you won’t need to worry the next time you get an alert about someone entering your home.

6. Ultraloq

Ultraloq is known for producing many of the best fingerprint door locks available. Aside from fingerprint scanning, Ultraloq door locks include a deadbolt, a keypad, and can store up to 95 users. What makes Ultraloq ideal for both residential and commercial security purposes is its waterproofness. Some Ultraloq models also use an anti-peep keypad and provide access logs.

Bonus: Fingerprint Padlocks

In addition to the deadbolt fingerprint door lock brands, you can also consider fingerprint padlocks for securing smaller items or for additional security on your property. These smart padlocks are shaped like traditional padlocks, except it comes with a feature that scans your fingerprint. Master Lock, Cduta, Megafeis, and Beeanna are just four notable brands that produce biometric fingerprint padlocks.

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