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Many people do not realize how versatile locksmith services are. They get a particular service such as key-cutting or lock replacement stuck in their heads, and that’s the only thing they associate with the profession. However, the team at ASAP Locksmith is proud to say our professionals can help with a wide variety of tasks, not just one or two. We are especially proud of our commercial services. Let’s discuss the many ways a commercial locksmith can help you

1. Commercial Lock Installation 

Your business needs strong commercial locks to prevent break-ins. You have enough to worry about between marketing, meetings, and other important tasks without adding a crime into the mix. Thankfully, the team at ASAP Locksmith knows the best types of locks to protect commercial properties. Great options include mortise and cylindrical locks. We’ll walk you through the best choices for your business, then provide expert, efficient installation.

2. Security System Installation

Locksmiths don’t only work with locks! We can help you with security systems as well. According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 12 seconds in America. A security system equipped with cameras and alarms is the best way to deter criminals from sneaking onto your property. Because burglars don’t want to be seen, they avoid areas with cameras. Some bold burglars might still attempt a crime, but alarms are often enough to scare them off. In the worst-case scenario when a criminal still steals something, cameras capture evidence to use in court later. Let us install the perfect security system for your commercial property! 

3. Master Key System Creation

Have you ever heard of a master key system? Special locks allow some keys to open multiple locks, while others can only open one. Those who rank highest in the company get the master keys that open more than one lock, while those who are restricted get the keys that afford less access. This helps reduce the number of keys in circulation while providing effective access control. We’re happy to create a master key system for your business. 

A commercial locksmith hands a business owner a new set of keys.

4. Lock Repair and Maintenance

It’s important to keep up with lock repair and maintenance. Locks are your first line of defense against a criminal. The harder it is to pick your lock or break it, the more likely a burglar will move on. Don’t make a criminal’s job easy by putting off necessary repairs or routine maintenance. Instead, contact a commercial locksmith annually to inspect your locks. 

5. Emergency Commercial Lockout Assistance

Lockouts don’t just happen with homes and cars. Businesses are also vulnerable to this type of emergency. Thankfully, a commercial locksmith can easily get you back into your business without breaking your locks or wasting time. Most lockouts are solved quickly with little fanfare, as long as you hire a trusted locksmith to do the work. 

6. Commercial Rekeying 

Rekeying your locks is cheaper than replacing them, so this is a great choice for business owners trying to cut down on security expenses. Businesses must have their locks replaced or rekeyed every 1–2 years. You may even have to rekey your locks more frequently if you have keyholders continuously leave your company. While employees are never supposed to copy keys without permission, that doesn’t mean they won’t, especially if they leave on bad terms. Thankfully, a commercial locksmith can easily rekey your locks! 

Take Advantage of Our Commercial Locksmith Services Today! 

Hopefully, we’ve helped demonstrate how versatile locksmiths are. We can handle everything, from extracting a broken key from your ignition to opening a jammed filing cabinet. Our team is efficient, professional, and ready to tackle any of your commercial locksmith needs. Contact us today for assistance!