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Locksmiths are one of the most dependable service providers you can hire due to their services. They offer a slew of services ranging from automobile to residential and commercial. While you might know everything your trusted locksmith provides, there are probably quite a few facts about the locksmith profession you didn’t know. The locksmith profession has existed for many years, and after all the time they’ve been around, some fascinating locksmith facts have made this profession historical. 

The First Locksmiths

The oldest example of locksmithing and locks is thought to be a 4,000-year-old wooden pin tumbler lock found in the ruins of the palace of Khorsabad near Nineveh. This lock was commonly used in ancient Egypt and perfected later by the Greeks and Romans, who eventually introduced metal to the creation of the lock. With the fall of Rome, all progression and knowledge of the lock faltered, and it wasn’t until the 1700s that progression continued in England with Robert Barron. 

Famous Locksmiths

Aside from the great pioneers of the locksmith profession, a couple of famous individuals used their locksmithing knowledge in fascinating ways. Harry Houdini and Charles Courtney were two such individuals. At age 11, famous illusionist and escape artist, Harry Houdini became an apprentice to a locksmith. During this time, he learned to pick all sorts of locks, which aided him in his future endeavors. 

Charles Courtney was known for being a diver, but he became a famous diver due to his locksmithing skills. He began to dive up to 400 feet into the ocean and looked for sunken ships. When he came across one, he would use his locksmithing skills to unlock safes. He became a well-known resource for companies whose ships sank and with them millions of dollars when he would recover their lost valuables. How’s that for a locksmith fact?


How to Become a Locksmith

As mentioned in the locksmith fact above, some of the most famous locksmiths started out as apprentices. This is because most locksmiths need to complete an apprenticeship before becoming full locksmiths. The apprenticeship period is extremely beneficial because it allows the locksmith-in-training to study and learn alongside an actual locksmith. However, one of the main goals of the apprenticeship is that the apprentice learns the ethics and conduct required of a locksmith to ensure they are honest and trustworthy. 

The Case of the Iron Cabinet

At a young age, King Louis XIV of France developed an interest in locks. For the remainder of his life, it was a passion of his to learn about the intricacies of locks. Francois Gamain, a master locksmith, became one of his closest friends and gave him advice regarding the craft. Louis eventually asked Gamain to create for him an iron cabinet with a special lock so that he could store important things inside, including important documents. However, Gamain, at that time, had joined the revolutionary cause. He betrayed the King by exposing the chest with the documents inside. With the exposure of these documents, Gamain helped to overthrow the King.

One Final Locksmith Fact

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