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Apartment living has many benefits, but there are also many drawbacks that come along with it. The space is easy to maintain, but you have to deal with the constant loud noises from neighbors. There are many amenities to take advantage of, but no storage space. One issue that goes unnoticed is where to hide a spare key.

Being that there isn’t a secure area to sneakily store your key in your apartment, many get stumped when trying to find the perfect hiding spot. You must be extra cautious during this process because others will easily access your apartment if you don’t. However, as long as you get creative, there are many hiding spots that may have slipped your mind. You don’t have to use too much brain power; we can show you how to hide a spare key for an apartment in this blog post.

How To Hide A Spare Key For An Apartment

Even though hiding a spare key outside your apartment may seem like an easy way to get robbed, there are some clever hiding spots to consider. Check out the following ways to hide your spare key:

Use A Magnetic Key Box

Using a magnetic key box is a great way to hide your spare key. Even though this device is typically used in cars,  you can get creative and use it in other areas. For example, behind the hallway light, under a metal staircase, and even behind metal gutters.

When trying to find the perfect hiding spot, be sure to store your key in an area where people won’t look. Also, don’t place it where there is routine maintenance. You don’t want a cleaner to end up with your key and get any ideas.

Leave Your Key With A Neighbor

If you trust your neighbor and have a good relationship with them, then keeping a key with them is always a good idea. When you get locked out of your apartment, a trustworthy neighbor will be there to help. This will be especially useful if you think you accidentally left your coffee maker on or if you want someone to feed your pet while you’re away. A good neighbor goes a long way, and this is the best way to see it for yourself.

However, if you don’t trust any of your neighbors or simply don’t have a good relationship with them, there is an alternative. Your apartment manager or superintendent is another person that can keep your spare key safe until you need it. However, much like with a neighbor, they may not be available when you need them, particularly in the dead of night.

Concealing Items

Similar to a magnetic key box, there are many items you can purchase on Amazon that will conceal your key perfectly. There are rocks, potted plants, and other decorative items that have a hidden compartment for your spare key. There is even a lockbox with a combination so you can easily access your spare key. Any one of these will be a way to hide your key in plain sight, and no one will be the wiser.

How To Hide A Spare Key For An Apartment

ASAP Locksmith Can Keep You Secure

Now you no longer need to wonder how to hide a spare key for an apartment. With any of the methods above, you will have a spare key handy whenever you need it. Ideally, you won’t ever need to use your spare key, but if you do and notice your hiding place didn’t work, we can help.

ASAP Locksmith is just the team you need for any lock issues you have. Is your key lost? Do you need a duplicate? Well, whatever you need, you can rely on our locksmiths to provide you with the security you’re searching for. Give us a call to get the service you need.