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According to the USPS, there has been a significant increase in instances of mail theft since 2019. For this reason, having a high security mailbox lock is paramount. Whether you use a traditional mailbox separate from your home or a slot in your door for mail delivery, you need to ensure you don’t fall prey to this disconcerting trend. Check out these questions and answers about the high security mailbox lock in this blog.


Does A High Security Mailbox Lock Affect Property Value?

A high security mailbox lock will have a positive impact on the value of your property. This kind of mailbox lock not only increases property value. It can also bring a much-needed boost to your home’s curb appeal. If you have a high security mailbox lock that’s particularly dull looking, you can easily fix that for the sake of higher curb appeal in addition to high security. You can boost your curb appeal by giving it the right decor to match the style of your home or even painting it a color that complements your property.

high security mailbox lock property value


What Kinds of High Security Mailbox Locks Are Available?

Many mailbox locks are available to provide high security for your mail. However, it’s important to note the difference between locking mailboxes and mailbox locks. A locking mailbox already comes with built-in security features. Mailbox locks are usually added to a mailbox that may have little to no security features. Here are four locks most commonly used for mailboxes.

1. Combination Locks

Combination locks are a simple, effective type of high security mailbox lock. While you could easily settle for a standard combination lock to keep the contents of your mailbox safe, you can also invest in a smart combination lock. It all depends on the type of lock that best suits your needs.

2. Anti-Prying Latches

While not necessarily a lock in the traditional sense, anti-prying latches will make a difference in keeping your mail safe. This mechanism makes it more difficult for potential thieves to pry open a locked mailbox. As a result, your mail and your identity are kept safe.

3. Dual-Access Locks

If you want the reassurance of two levels of security for your mailbox, then dual-access locks are for you. Be aware, though, that this type of high security mailbox lock works best with mailboxes that have individual compartments for each piece of mail. The first layer of security for this mailbox entails using a combination to open the whole mailbox. The second layer requires either a key or an additional combination. This mailbox lock type is most likely found in apartment buildings.

4. Keyless Locks

Finally, keyless mailbox locks are also an option. This mailbox lock might require anything from a code to biometric authentication to access your mail. Most biometric systems scan fingerprints as a means of authentication. Depending on the type of biometric mailbox lock, you can program it to recognize all the people who live in your home, not just you.


How Else Will Having A High Security Mailbox Lock Help?

After looking at just four different kinds of high security mailbox locks, you’re probably wondering how else this kind of lock will help you. By providing additional levels of security, you won’t only be safe from mail theft and mail fraud. You’ll also have your identity and personal information protected, keeping you from becoming a victim of identity theft.


ASAP Locksmith Is Here For Your High Security Lock Needs!

Now that you understand a little more about the high security mailbox lock, you can determine how you want to approach keeping your mail safe. If your current mailbox’s locking mechanisms are having trouble working, it’s important to call a reliable locksmith. Luckily, if you live in the Denver area, you can contact us at ASAP Locksmith to ensure your mail is safe once more.