You are working on upgrading your home security, and one of the measures you are taking to do that is to install a fingerprint door lock at your home entrance. However, you are probably wondering how to install a fingerprint door lock. Today we are going to show you how to install a fingerprint door lock and give some advice for programming it.

Before Installation: Which Fingerprint Door Lock Is Right For You?

First, you need to know what kind of fingerprint door lock to purchase. You will need to consider whether you want your fingerprint door lock to include any other additional security features, and if you want one that comes with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Checking out reviews of various fingerprint door locks will also help you determine which one is right for you. Once you order the fingerprint door lock that works best and it arrives in your mail with the respective lock kit, then you will be truly ready to begin installing it.

How To Install A Fingerprint Door Lock In 5 Steps

Now that the fingerprint door lock of your dreams has arrived, you can officially begin the installation process. It is important to also consult the user manual since different door lock brands come with their own discrepancies concerning installation and programming. For the purposes of this blog, let’s assume you are using a fingerprint door lock for the first time. Without further ado, let’s dive into how to install a fingerprint door lock.

1. Drill Holes In Your Door For The Lock Installation

Take some time to consult your user manual to help you determine where on your door you should drill the holes to install your new lock. The recommended drilling depth is two inches. Don’t forget to clear out any drill debris before moving on to the next step.

how to install a fingerprint door lock

2. Install The Deadbolt And Latch

Next, you will need to install the deadbolt and latch at the edge of the door where you usually see the lock mechanism itself. Your user manual should be consulted for this as specific instructions may vary depending on the product. After installing these parts, you will need to install the strike plate next. Once you have all these parts installed at the edge of the door it will be time to include the lock.

3. Install The Lock And Any Additional Components

Installing the lock and additional components often involves attaching the external and internal components. The external component is usually the verification system which might take the form of a keypad, scanner, or something else entirely. Sometimes additional features will be included such as waterproofing. Make sure everything is properly mounted and secured along your door.

4. Test Door Functionality

Before you can start setting up the smart features of your new fingerprint door lock, take a moment to make sure that your door itself is able to function properly. You don’t want your cool, new security feature to stay put on a door that barely works. After all, you purchased this lock to enhance your door’s performance, not for decorative purposes. You will test the functionality of your door by closing it and checking if the door seals tightly. If not, continue to adjust until your door closes tightly as needed.

5. Program Your New Fingerprint Door Lock

Now that your new fingerprint door lock is installed and works properly with your door, you can begin the exciting final step: programming your new fingerprint door lock. The process of programming your fingerprint for your new door lock will vary depending on the lock, but usually, this will involve pressing your own fingerprint against the scanner.

If multiple people live in your home, make sure they also have a chance to scan their own fingerprints too so the system can recognize them as permanent residents. If this lock comes with remote access, make sure you and the members of your household download the appropriate app. As long as the fingerprint door lock scanner recognizes the fingerprints of you and other permanent household members, your new door lock should be ready to operate.

ASAP Locksmith Will Install Your New Door Locks

We hope you found this guide for how to install a fingerprint door lock helpful, regardless of the door lock brand and the product you purchase. But what if you’re worried about doing a satisfactory installation job and would feel better with assistance? Luckily, our locksmiths at ASAP Locksmith are here to help install your new door locks, whether they be traditional locks or smart locks. Contact us today and we will install your new door locks in no time!