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Key duplication involves getting a copy of your key made, usually by either the original service that provided the key or a local locksmith. You might get your keys duplicated so you can keep a backup set or give it to someone staying with you at a residence or someone new to your workplace. However, you might still have questions about key duplication, such as, “Is it legal to get my keys duplicated?” “What does it mean when a key says ‘do not duplicate’?”, “Why should I duplicate my keys?” “How does key duplication work?” and so many more. Today you are going to find the answers to these key duplication questions. 

When Is It Legal Or Illegal To Duplicate Keys

Key duplication itself is legal, especially if the keys were purchased by you. In cases where a separate entity, such as an employer, provided you with keys, it is recommended that you ask them to make a duplicate so as not to violate any security policies. That said, locksmiths offer cheaper rates for key duplication than the original distributors, so if you are able to get any of your keys duplicated by a locksmith, take advantage of those lower rates. Next time you are unsure whether or not you might get in trouble for duplicating your keys, recall whether or not someone gave them to you or if you paid for them yourself. 

What’s With Keys That Say ‘Do Not Duplicate’?

If a set of keys features a ‘do not duplicate’ or ‘do not copy’ engraving, it is intended to deter locksmiths from creating the copy. It specifically discourages locksmiths from duplicating keys, although getting them duplicated is not necessarily illegal. Use your own discretion when choosing whether or not to take these keys to your locksmith.  

Why Should I Duplicate My Keys? 

While the thought of creating an extra copy of your keys might create some anxiety, here are two situations in which you will want to create duplicate keys. 

You Need Back-Ups In Case The Originals Are Lost

Everyone misplaces or loses their keys. If you are unable to track down your misplaced keys after twenty-four hours, or you believe you lost your keys in a public setting, you will need to get a new set as soon as possible. While you can get new keys without the original, you also want to be proactive and get your current keys duplicated so those backups can be stored in a safe place in case you lose the originals. 

Someone You Trust Is Staying With You For A Long Time

Whether it’s a close family member or a significant other, if someone you trust is staying with you for an extensive period of time, you should probably make sure they are able to leave and return home as needed. It will be easier for you if your guest isn’t relying on you to lock up after them whenever they leave.

How Does Key Duplication Work? 

Locksmiths use a key-cutting machine to create duplicates. These machines consist of the cutting wheel, motor, guide, and vices. The vices are where the original key and the blank are placed. The cutting wheel produces the desired shape on the blank from the original, and the motor propels the wheel. The guide directs the cutting wheel to copy the shape of the original onto the blank. While key-cutting machines might be different from brand to brand, many of them usually contain these four parts. 

key duplication 2

Our Locksmiths Create High-Quality Duplicate Keys! 

Now that you read this blog, you probably feel more confident about the essentials of key duplication. If you are looking for locksmiths that produce high-quality duplicate keys, ASAP Locksmith of Colorado employs the best locksmiths in the Denver area. Contact us to get your spare keys today.