Locksmiths are very trustworthy and dependable, whether you’re locked out of your home or looking to increase your home security generally. Given the many skills that a locksmith has, you’ve probably wondered how they learn all the tricks of the trade. If you’ve ever been curious about what locksmith training looks like in Colorado, continue reading this blog. You will learn the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about locksmith training.  

Are Locksmith Training Requirements Different In Each State?

The short answer to this first question is yes. Some states require licensure, while other states may not. In Colorado, the requirements for locksmith training consist of attending trade or vocational school, getting an apprenticeship, and working with a local locksmith service. Though optional, getting additional training and certifications will also enrich one’s locksmith training. 

What Are The Prerequisites? 

Before becoming a locksmith in Colorado, one must be at least eighteen years old. Formal education isn’t necessarily required before becoming a locksmith, either. In fact, prerequisites are also differentiated from municipality to municipality. In terms of skills that one must have to be a locksmith, strong abilities in math and mechanics and the ability to understand and use locksmith tools are necessary. 

How Long Does It Take To Become A Locksmith In Colorado? 

Where locksmith training is concerned, one might wonder how long it takes to become a locksmith in Colorado. The time it takes to become a locksmith ultimately depends on how many courses one chooses to take and the progress in their apprenticeship. Some candidates might take multiple courses at a trade school, others might take the required courses they can complete online. The time it takes to complete courses ultimately depends on whether or not one is taking classes full-time or part-time. Overall, the time it takes to become a locksmith is only a matter of months. 

What Tools Does A Locksmith Learn To Use? 

Finally, when it comes to locksmithing, it’s important to know what kind of tools a locksmith learns to use on the job. Let’s look at three tools that a locksmith will master by the end of their training. 

Key Decoder

A key decoder is used when an original key cannot be duplicated due to serious damage. The decoder can use information from a broken or damaged key or even the lock to help assemble a new key. This type of device is most commonly used for car keys. 

Key Duplicator

One of the tools most frequently used by locksmiths is a key duplicator. This tool allows a locksmith to make multiple copies of a single key, whether it’s for your car, a part of your home, or even a safety deposit box. A duplicator works by placing the original key on one side and a blank key on the other. The duplicator uses the original as a reference to cut a copy. After the locksmith sands the copy, your new key will be ready. 

locksmith training key duplicator

Key Extractor

A key extractor can safely and easily retrieve any broken parts of a key that might be stuck in a lock, making it an important part of a locksmith’s tool kit. Extractors can come in many different forms, depending on the type of lock and key. The two most common types of key extractors used by locksmiths are hook and harpoon extractors. A locksmith can easily retrieve your broken key as long as they know which type works best for your lock’s configuration. 

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