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Whether we are off to work or traveling for the holidays, we always want to know that our home and belongings will be safe in our absence. If you are concerned about making sure your home is extra safe in your absence, you might be thinking about changing your locks. However, when most people describe what they mean when they say they want to change their locks, they are actually talking about rekeying their locks. Let us explore the difference between rekeying vs. changing locks and how to know which option is best for you and your home.

Rekeying vs. Changing Locks 

When you say you want to change your locks, you are asking for all your locks to be removed and replaced with a completely new hardware.  This requires obtaining new keys. Rekeying locks involves getting a new key for which a locksmith retools the locks to work for the new key or keys. But how do you know when to rekey or change your locks? Let’s take a look at a few common scenarios where you might have this question to see if your problem requires changing or rekeying your locks. 

Your Keys Have Been Lost Or Stolen 

While having your keys lost or stolen is scary, you do not have to go right to changing your locks in your home. Rekeying your locks is the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself when you lose your keys. If you are worried about someone breaking into your home with your keys and you want to fix the security risk as soon as possible, rekeying will be more time efficient and less expensive. 

You Are Moving into a New Home 

If you and your family are moving into a home that was previously under different ownership, rekeying the locks for your own security is highly recommended. You don’t want to find that the previous homeowners or someone with access to the previous homeowners’ property snuck into your new dwelling while you were away, so the time efficiency of rekeying your home is essential for your safety. 

Your Locks Are Old And/Or Broken 

If opening your doors is more difficult than it used to be or the locks have become old and rusty, it is time to change them. Rekeying is inadvisable because the issue is related to the lock function itself rather than the key, and you will accrue additional expenses by rekeying only to find that the lock actually needs replacing. This can be an opportunity for you to get an up-to-date version of your old locks or consider looking into a different type of lock to install. 

You Want to Upgrade Your Home Security

When planning a home security system overhaul, changing your locks will be your best bet. If you currently live in an older home, this can be an opportunity to enhance the safety of you and your loved ones. Alarm systems alone cannot successfully do the job of protecting your property. Making sure you have the most up-to-date locks that you feel are most effective for your home safety and security. 

Make your home more secure by changing or rekeying or locks.

We Are Here to Help!

We hope that walking through these four scenarios gives you a better understanding of when a situation requires rekeying or changing your locks. However, we understand if you have additional questions about these options, and you might be in a situation different from the ones described in this article. If you have any questions about whether you should rekey or change your locks, contact us today, and we will help you determine the best path to your safety.