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Despite its somewhat silly name, a key fob is vital to keeping your vehicle secure. The key fob is the part of your car key that contains buttons for locking and unlocking and the alarm to track down your car in a crowded parking lot. The actual “key” component that starts your car is the surrounding encasing. Today we are going to learn all about key fobs and how they make your life more secure. 

1. Key Fobs Use Radio Frequency Identification Technology

Using a key fob for a car key does not just mean installing the right batteries and following the programming instructions. The key fob uses radio frequency identification or RFID technology to convey signals between itself and your vehicle from a distance. RFID technology for car key fobs involves having an RFID chip or tag which contains the coded signals that tell your vehicle what to do. 

2. They Don’t Need Reprogramming After Battery Replacement 

When the key fob for your car or garage door keys ceases to work, it means the batteries need replacing. If you are nervous about possibly needing to reprogram your key fob after replacing the battery, the good news is that you often don’t need to reprogram it in this case. The key fob itself will usually retain the connection to your car. 

3. Key Fobs Aren’t Limited To Vehicle Security

While the most common appearance of key fobs in your daily life is your car keys, they actually appear in many ways. Because key fobs work with RFID technology, they are also found in hotel or apartment keys, garage doors, and other smart lock systems. If you use a remote control garage door opener, for instance, that is another device that uses a key fob. Key fobs are also used to open doors in commercial buildings and can even be programmed for some safe boxes. 

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4. They Can Be Used In Two-Factor Or Multi-Factor Authentication 

A key fob is often a single-factor means of authentication, but it can also be incorporated into a two-factor or multi-factor authentication system. These means of authentication involve more than one means of accessing an area. With key fobs, this involves a small token that generates a six-digit code after you enter a personal identification code. The six-digit passcode is always randomly generated with each use, creating an additional layer of security. This specific use of a key fob is found in digital security systems for businesses.

5. If They Get Lost, You Can Easily Replace Them

If you lose your car key or garage door opener, or any other devices that use a key fob, you don’t need to panic. Not only are these keys replaceable, but upon replacement, they can be reprogrammed so that no one tries to open your car with a stolen key. All you need to do is provide proof of ownership and your vehicle’s VIN to your dealer or locksmith, giving them confirmation that you are the owner of the vehicle in need of a new key fob. 

We Will Answer Your Key Fob Questions!

After reading this blog, you hopefully feel more confident in your key fob knowledge. You now know that key fobs can be found for your car, residence, and countless commercial purposes. You even know how they can be used for multi-factor authentication and what you need to do to replace them. Do you still have questions about key fobs? Are you worried that your key fob isn’t working as it should? Are you locked out of your car or garage entry due to a dead key fob? Contact us at ASAP Locksmith for the best locksmith service in Denver to assist with your key fob needs.