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When training to become a locksmith in Colorado, you want to learn from the best experts in the field to develop proficiency in all locksmithing skills. The training and skills required for broken key extraction are just some of the many things locksmiths-in-training learn in trade school and/or during their apprenticeship. That said, you’re probably wondering, “What are the training and skills required for broken key extraction?” Luckily, you can start learning all about them by reading this blog. 

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Training And Skills Required For Broken Key Extraction 

When it comes to the training and skills required for broken key extraction, the main tool at your disposal is a key extractor. This tool manipulates the pins inside a lock to make it easier to remove a broken key piece. There are two types of key extractors used by professionals: a hooked and a spiral key extractor. The hooked key extractor has an end that resembles a fishing hook and is inserted through the top of the key’s entry point in a lock. From there, the hooks move down to grasp the broken key part, then move upward to retrieve the part and remove it from the lock. 

A spiral key extractor works by pushing it in so the tip bends to catch the piece of broken key. It should be able to catch that piece and remove it from the lock easily. This is possible because the extraction component is a flexible, needle-like bar that can fit into any lock. This tool is also able to adjust to any angle to retrieve the broken key part from the inside of the lock. With this understanding of the broken key extraction tools used by professionals, here are some skills that a locksmith must have to complete this procedure: 

Ability To Use Specialized Tools 

As explained before, one of the most important skills required for broken key extraction is the ability to use specialized tools. While it is possible to improvise the extraction process with pliers or paperclips, a professional locksmith will need to be well-versed in using a hooked or spiral key extraction tool. Using tools specifically designed for this process will reduce the chances of your locks receiving potential damage from a DIY tool. 

Familiarity With Different Types Of Locks And Keys

Not all locks and keys are made the same, so being familiar with a wide array of locks and keys is one of the most valuable skills required for broken key extraction. The tool you use to extract a key can depend on the kind of lock and key in question. The more locks and keys a locksmith is familiar with, the more likely it is that they will successfully retrieve the broken key part on the first attempt. 

Patience And Precision 

Finally, patience and precision are essential qualities and skills required for broken key extraction. You need to be able to access the broken key part easily and have the patience to see the process through. After all, you may not get the key the first time, so this quality is important to develop when extracting a broken key from a lock. 

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